About Us

Nice to meet you! I’m Le!

Are you getting lost in the social media “sauce?” Many of my clients have felt the same way before working with me. But through an out-of-the-box marketing strategy, they are now standing out online!

My mission is to help women in real estate take over the industry while doing what they love!

My love of entrepreneurship, female empowerment, and social media led to the creation of the Modern Woman Southern Belle Media Agency. I’m here to help women just like you grab on to your passion, embrace your confidence, and stylishly grow your real estate brand online through the use of social media. 

You are unique and your marketing should be too! Let me help you grow your unique brand, generate more leads, and make more sales online!

“Women are no longer hiding behind male-owned brokerages. We are stepping up and showing out in the real estate industry. And I’m HERE. FOR. IT!”