Fighting Negativity as a Real Estate Agent

What’s on ya’ mind? Are you feeling down? Don’t worry girl, you’re not alone. In fact, many real estate professionals admit to battling negativity. But remember, a negative mindset can cost you, literally.

Our mindset can control how motivated we are to do (or not do) something.  And at times, the things we tell ourselves can become our biggest enemy and stop us from pursuing what we are passionate about (and pretty good at!). 

For example, you know that you need to promote your real estate services on social media, but something is holding you back. 

Chances are, if you’ve ever felt any of these, you may have had a case of what some people call: “Imposter Syndrome:”

1. You find it hard to accept praise (or compliments).

2. You apologize even when you didn’t do something wrong.

3. The fear of failure is paralyzing, and you give up before you begin. 

4. You feel that you cannot acquire wealth because you don’t deserve it. 

5. You feel that you are not enough.

6. You feel that you are underqualified to be an agent.

Do any of these statements describe you? If so, here are five tips to help: 

1. “Acceptance is the first step.”

When negativity knocks, meet it at the door. Figure out what you feel and why you may feel that way. Is your real estate business going through a slow period? Or, did you find out your family member decided to go with a different agent? (Insert eye roll). Whatever the case, understand your feelings so you can get past them.

2. Remember, you’re not alone.

The real estate market has its high and low points. Find encouragement in the fact that many people, especially real estate agents, may suffer from “Imposter Syndrome.” In fact, some truly successful real estate moguls admit to suffering from this “disease” at one point or another. What you feel is 100% normal.

3. “Be humble, sit down!”

As much as I love quoting lyrics to songs (hey, Kendrick Lamar!), there’s a point to this, I promise. There is beauty in humility. But, be careful that your humility is not causing you to feel fearful or unworthy. You should feel confident about how far you’ve come. So stop for a moment and humbly pat yourself on the back! Seriously, I mean do it RIGHT NOW.

4. Be perfectly imperfect. 

Striving for perfection, though admirable,  is counterproductive. Embrace your quirks and your flaws. Think about the things that make others say, “I knew you’d say that!” Your personality, your physicality, and your mentality are all a unique part of your real estate brand. So start embracing those imperfections and stunt on ‘em!

5. Support is everything. 

Is the negativity coming from an external source? Let it go. If someone is making you feel unworthy or insecure, RUN. Instead, surround yourself with mentors and friends who make you feel your best! A solid support system will help you to stay committed to your real estate business and future goals.

Remember: A positive mindset will help you to show up as a confident agent in person AND on social media. 

Here’s something for you to try: Tonight, list 3 things that you love about yourself. Then, starting tomorrow, find 3 things that you are grateful for each day. Your future self (and future clients) will thank you for it!