Five Ways to Beat Low Engagement on Instagram

Low engagement? No problem!

Lower engagement during the summer months is the norm. The reality is that many users are spending time off their phones and are “outside!” IYKYK. Also, Instagram is constantly shifting, making it hard to keep up with the algorithm as a business owner.

But, what can you do as a real estate agent to thrive despite a drop in engagement?

1. Step up your engagement!

To get engagement, you have to give engagement. So start by spending more time connecting with your social media audience. Each day, set aside time to engage on stories, comment on posts, and include unique calls to action on your content.

2. Increase your video content.

One thing is for certain: Instagram favors video content. To stand out in the social media landscape, you must be willing to adjust your content. And right now, video content is where it’s at! So before you post photos of your new listing, swap it out for a professional video showcasing the home.

3. Get offline and get outside!

Summertime presents an excellent opportunity to put yourself out there, literally. So while participating in your favorite summer activities, don’t be afraid to make it known that you are a real estate agent. Exchange information with any potential leads that you may meet on the go, and add them to your CRM. Then, keep in touch with them throughout the summer.

4. Network with other professionals.

Connect with like-minded real estate professionals in your area and start developing relationships right away. Don’t underestimate the benefits of attending conferences. Building relationships now will be useful when the summer fun slows down. Remember, true success comes from team collaboration, not competition.

5. Start an email/text list.

Social media is just ONE marketing tool for warming new leads. If you don’t have an email list, start one ASAP! Use this slow engagement period to create a lead magnet that you can share online. Once you start collecting emails, you can keep in touch with your leads by sending weekly newsletters and text messages. Keep the messages brief, but consistent. This way, when your leads are ready to buy, sell, or invest this fall, they will think of YOU!

A final note:

Most importantly, don’t stress. Social media marketing is here to stay. If you need a break, take it! Enjoy the summer and come back this fall refreshed and ready to work!

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