How to Market Your Business Like a PRO

How can you market yourself as a qualified agent despite being new to real estate? Despite popular belief, it is possible! You can market your business! There are a few ways to market your business like a pro, even before you have the social proof to back it up. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

Create a personal brand. 

The first thing you need to do is create a personal brand. A personal brand will allow you to stand apart from others in your brokerage and area. 

Personal branding includes your brand voice, logo, colors, and design elements. Create a brand that is separate from your brokerage and reflects your personality. Want more information on creating your brand? Check out my first blog post!

Complete your business footprint. 

Your business footprint includes your website, CRM, social media accounts, email accounts, business cards, and Google Business account. 

When you have the proper tools in place, you show up as the professional that you are, and will be ready to take on new clients when they come your way. Set up like a pro, then you can market like a pro!

Show off your knowledge.

After hours of preparing for, taking, and passing the real estate exam, you no doubt have the knowledge needed to help someone in their homeownership journey. You can share real estate knowledge that is specific to your niche. 

For example, if you’re focusing on first-time home buyers, you can share loans available to those buying a home for the first time. Knowledge is the key to setting yourself up for success!

Explain your customer journey. 

Yes, you can explain this journey before having any customers. For example, you can share what clients can expect from working with you. How will you be able to help them buy, sell or invest in real estate? 

If you are working with a team, make it known that you have countless connections at your disposal to get the job done. This will help you to give your audience the confidence to trust you to handle their real estate needs.

Network on- and offline.

Social media is a great way to market your business, but in-person networking can be just as effective. Grab a few business cards and attend a local networking event. When you are out and about, make sure you are what I like to call: “Lead Conscious.” This means that you view whoever you meet throughout the day as a potential lead! 

So, if you decide to grab a drink from your favorite bar, don’t be afraid to start a conversation and share that you are a real estate agent. Your friendly neighbor can be your next client!

Invest in quality brand photography. 

To show up as a professional, you have to show up as a professional! This means that you need to take quality professional brand photos. Instead of taking the standard “arms folded” real estate photo, think about your brand vision and think outside the box. 

Unique photos that appropriately represent your brand personality will help you to stand out online. 

Ready to market your real estate business like a PRO? 

You can start by using my favorite tool: CANVA.

Canva allows you to create graphics that fit all of your marketing needs. Get started by creating a personalized brand kit where you can save your logo, brand colors, and even brand fonts! CANVA also allows you to edit premade templates and make them your own, so you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer! Download Canva Pro for free using my affiliate link!