Mindset Shifts You Need to Make as a New Real Estate Agent

Did you know? An average of 87% of real estate agents fail within the first five years of being in the business.🤯

But why? After passing the real estate exam, many find themselves overwhelmed with finding new leads, getting contracts to the closing table, and doing everything on their own. This causes agents to spiral into “feast or famine” mode instead of actually enjoying their business. 

Does this sound like you? Do you feel like more of an employee rather than a proud business owner? 

Grab a pen & paper, I’m about to share the #tea on some mindset shifts to help you succeed as a new agent:

“This job is a means to an end.”

If you don’t have a genuine passion for real estate, it may not be the field for you.  The reality of the matter is that all (and I mean ALL) businesses go through a rough patch. So when you face slow periods, remember that it is completely normal. And when you find yourself thinking of your business as just a means to an end, reflect on the reason why you decided to get into real estate in the first place. 

“I’m doing the bare minimum.”

As the real estate market continues to shift, you need to shift with it. This means that you need to take advantage of opportunities to educate yourself on the real estate market, marketing techniques, and the needs of your clients. Doing so will help you to pivot and improve. For example, door-knocking alone may have worked years ago, but now it’s time to shift to social media marketing.

“That’s not my job.”

But it is, though. Once you became a real estate agent, you stepped into the role of a CEO. This means that you alone are responsible for the success (or failure) of your business. This is true even if you work under the direction of another agent or broker. It is your job to put your best foot out there to ensure your business growth. So, get to work!

“I’m only doing this for a check.”

Real estate is a lucrative business, when practiced correctly. But, if your only focus is money, you may want to choose another career. Real estate is hard work, and it’s harder to own a business if you lack passion for it. Also, you need the motivation to keep going even during the low points of your business when the checks are far in between.

“I’ll just quit if it doesn’t work out.”

This limiting belief sets you up for failure. The best way to avoid this is to manifest success in your business and focus on the small wins along the way. Work hard to keep your real estate business going even when things are difficult.

Once you make these mindset shifts (and others that may not be listed) your business will flourish!

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